The New Weather(s)

Noah Travis Phillips

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    The New Weather(s) is a folio of drawings (made, found, & modified) that I created, collected, collated, and copied over the course of about 4 years, (2012 - 2016) as my life and art-praxis were undergoing some profound shifts. These drawings explore an aesthetic of weather and the meteorological, in material and experiential ways; making ink drawings in the rain, leaving drawings out in the snow/ice before re-copying, torn out of books, baked in the Sun, and then remediated here ... persisting in time & space, changing form, able to become something else, yet again. There is a drama in them, that I have been feeling again, recently.

Each time the webpage is refreshed a random background is selected from the folio. Three additional drawings are randomly placed on top.

Dimensions and substrate variable @ Miriam Gallery, NYC as part of Friendly Ghost, Early 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.