WATERxRIVAL b0dy = a series of mise-en-scenes ~ text & images, exploring the posthuman body, intersubjectively, interobjectively, technologically, symbolically, etc. artistres_ warm(ing) structures reh. Where Secrets Are Still Kept ~ Welcome to My Homepage Digital Artist Residency Noah Travis Phillips SCOBY for RPG reh. Rhizome Parking Garage beneath the beach seamless paving stones Anarchive for The Art Happens Here @ Vicki Myhren Gallery The Screaming Weathers @ Union Hall for Dirty Abstraction curated by Jennifer Lord Noah Travis Phillips Landscape PDF (Summer 2021) Noah Travis Phillips Student Debt dollar sign $ lightning emoji energy dark pegasus victory version two pink donut noah travis phillips the simpsons dyk professor phillips horse running emoji blue butterfly emoji Noah Travis Phillips SCOBY for RPG reh. Rhizome Parking Garage beneath the beach seamless paving stones Noah Travis Phillips



    Noah Travis Phillips' "cover" of "Verb List" by Richard Serra

    Prayer Flags
    The last off-site show on the Earth at Plague Space and everywhere
    curated by PLAGUE
    off-site artwork, in Kazan/Krasnodar, Russia and at Mountain Water, Huerfano County, Colorado, USA.
    part 1 (off-site/everywhere) and part 2 (gallery/Plague Space)

        Memento Mori Glitch (rehearsal)
        for Net art died but is doing well / A net art morreu mas passa bem
        part of The Wrong Biennale for New Digital Art 23-24
        November 2023 - March 2024 [and indefinitely]

        media archeology lab ephemermal zine rehearsal logo
        Two Pages of Drawings from Phillips’ Secret Notebooks from Utopia
        - [after Peter Orlovsky in Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts. Volume 5, No. 8 (February 1965), ed. Ed Sanders]
        for ephemerMAL 5 - UtopiaMedia Archeology Lab, Boulder, Colorado, USA ~ early 2024

"Unsolicited Collaboration(s)"

    I need to find me a home right now in your heart.
    at 500 Capp st. (for 40th)

    Vitamin C+ (feat. Noah Travis Phillips, on the advent of their 40th birthday)

      Mountain Water X Noah Travis Phillips

(for their 40th birthday) Noah Travis Phillips interview by/in the style of Snoop Dogg

    Subtle Body (Sarah Charlesworth "cover")

    Untitled (Red Wall sextet)

    NTP w/ HUO “Once More With Feeling”

    Blue Winter Mountains / Black Starry Sky (duet) (as if) at Aspen Art Museum

   Gertrude Abercrombie The Door and the Rock (and the Mountain) "appendage/accompaniment"

    Wormhole Fold (Space Oddity) for A Harder Soft at Juicebox Gallery, Denver, CO ~ Summer 2018

    Line Amplification (gift for Sol Lewitt)
    as part of An Exchange With Sol Lewitt
    c/o MASS MoCA and Cabinet
    22 January - 31 March, 2011

        Art & Project Bulletin #158 (unsolicited collaboration), circa 2010

    Prayer Flags
      Two Pages of Drawings from Phillips’ Secret Notebooks from Utopia
    Menagerie Delegation Visits The Tower to Utopian Aspirations

    selections ~
    Subtle Body "cover"
    High Tide II
    Mirror Displacements
    Ad Reinhardt Abstract Art comic cover
    500 Capp
    'Happiness is a Warm Gun' NTPxGAN cover
    cover of Alex De Corte's “The Desert, The Cube, The Ladder, The Horse, The Floor, and The Storm”


noah travis phillips cryptopunk self-portrait NTP NFT vanity fair proust questionnaire charicature
The Proust Questionairre
(for Vanity Fair) featuring Noah Travis Phillips

w/ Andy Warhol
for Interview Magazine
[link to interview PDF]

    #Allegorithms "companions"   
    volcano diagram allegorithm   
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

    Previous Events & Projects

Notes Live 9 (ix)




NTP_PDFs 2017 - 2023

    Burning Spirit 1 & Burning Spirit 2

    happiness is a warm gun (NTPxGAN cover, reh.)

"Circle-A & Tarot Card(s)" for "Healing Through Connectivity" for Taupe Magazine

NTP x Art Basel Miami Beach 2022


06_2020_PDF + ephemera @ Weserburg Museum for Modern Art,

    #Allegorithms "companions"   
    volcano diagram allegorithm   


RIVAL: Phase 3

Phenomena exh. reh.

Bootleg Mothlight (duet)

Distorted Guitar Solo (Solo)

"Unsolicited Collaboration(s)"

    w/ HUO
"Sword in the Stone" for Denver Art Museum
memory landscapes & ruins collages duet (chaos)(demo)
circle triangle square demo
Evaporation 2.5 & Surface Tension     for maps-dna-and-spam ~ Summer 2019

    YELLOW (demos)

    Explosion in the Middle of Nowhere & Bouquet of Eyes / Cave (FKA Plato's)

    Yellow (residue / redux) [proposal] for CURRENTS 2023

dorje jewel thunderbolt phallus x9.png
mountain indexical 16.png
zfutJungleX5.gif (#jungle #climatechange #godzilla #tiger #hologram #destruction #contrails #venom #teeth)
weather reh. 1
weather reh. 2 (vaporglitch)
Weather Reh. 3

Rose-colored Dance (w/ Jennifer Lord)




Noah Travis Phillips - Artforum "TOP TEN", 2018 (PDF)
sync. issue #24 ~ Allegory of the Cave, dark ver. b/w (PDF)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    This Is A Robbery NTP Solo Exhibition, at Vertigo Gallery, Summer 2013

Soliloquy (prelude & demo) "companions" 1 & 2 & 3
Chimera GIF (Montreal light reh.)
Wormhole Fold (ver.7) "companion"


Previous Events & Projects