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Yves Tanguy x Noah Travis Phillips (quintet)
Feu à éclat ~ flashing light (a storm that roars)

High Tide (Real Fucking High) + & BE NOT AFRAID
for RMCAD Faculty + Staff Biennial 2023

      Mountain Water X Noah Travis Phillips

circle-A (healing through connectivity) & tarot card(s) (as above so below)
NTP X Taupe Magazine

Endless Nameless Formless (GAN), video, 2'42"
as part of The Elastic Mind
at South Campus Gallery, Broward College, Florida
April 20th - Sept 28th, 2023

* [Title Too Long to Display] Post-Rock SF&F Future(s) EP (GANxNTP) *
Noah Travis Phillips for Flat Journal 03 ('After Tomorrow')
flat journal layers

noah travis phillips cryptopunk self-portrait NTP NFT vanity fair proust questionnaire charicature
The Proust Questionairre
(for Vanity Fair) featuring Noah Travis Phillips

w/ Andy Warhol
for Interview Magazine
[link to interview PDF]

Not Yet Titled (TLC, early 2022 bedroom excerpts) (as if @ MoMA & w/ This Long Century) )
These Long Centuries ( + Tender Loving Care / The Last Chance, Then Later Came, T-Boz/Left Eye/Chilli, ... )

Evaporation 2.5 & Surface Tension (duet) - detail
Evaporation 2.5 & Surface Tension (duet)
presented by maps-dna-and-spam (a temporary home for wayward new media)
Michael Demers, curator

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    volcano diagram allegorithm   
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Notes "live" 7




NTP_PDFs 2017 - 2022

"Circle-A & Tarot Card(s)" for "Healing Through Connectivity" for Taupe Magazine

NTP x Art Basel Miami Beach 2022


06_2020_PDF + ephemera @ Weserburg Museum for Modern Art,

    #Allegorithms "companions"   
    volcano diagram allegorithm   


RIVAL: Phase 3

Phenomena exh. reh.

Bootleg Mothlight (duet)

demo sketches
Distorted Guitar Solo (Solo)

"Unsolicited Collaboration(s)"
    w/ HUO vol. 1

"Sword in the Stone" for Denver Art Museum
memory landscapes & ruins collages duet (chaos)(demo)
circle triangle square demo
Evaporation 2.5 & Surface Tension     for maps-dna-and-spam ~ Summer 2019

YELLOW (demos)

Not Yet Titled (2031)

Summer 2016 #2
Summer 2016 #1

dorje jewel thunderbolt phallus x9.png
mountain indexical 16.png
zfutJungleX5.gif (#jungle #climatechange #godzilla #tiger #hologram #destruction #contrails #venom #teeth)
weather reh. 1
weather reh. 2 (vaporglitch)
Weather Reh. 3

Rose-colored Dance (w/ Jennifer Lord)




Noah Travis Phillips - Artforum "TOP TEN", 2018 (PDF)
sync. issue #24 ~ Allegory of the Cave, dark ver. b/w (PDF)

Soliloquy (prelude & demo) "companions" 1 & 2 & 3
Chimera GIF (Montreal light reh.)
Wormhole Fold (ver.7) "companion"


Previous Events & Projects