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noah travis phillips cryptopunk self-portrait NTP NFT vanity fair proust questionnaire charicature
The Proust Questionairre
(for Vanity Fair) featuring Noah Travis Phillips

Under Pressure (One Piece Sextet) as part of
Under Pressure at CO-OPt Research + Projects Lubbock, TX

"After Progress"
Digital Exhibition, c/o Goldsmiths, University of London
Transmutation of Decay, a video poetry collaboration w/ Julia Madsen & K. Scarlett Harrington
part of the Sociological Review Seminar Series, curated by Martin Savransky

collaboration feautring Jennifer Lord and Noah Travis Phillips two square collages on paintings on spraypainted background
Rainbow Above the Ruins with Jennifer Lord at Dateline Gallery Summer 2021, June 4 - June 26, 2021

LMP Light My Pyre sm2
Lane Meyer Projects presents
LMP PDA, Light My Pyre Nov 30 - Dec 14, 2020
100% of proceeds → Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

+ ephemera
@ Weserburg Museum for Modern Art,
Centre for Artists' Publications,
Künstlerpublikationen: analog - digital

"Remixing Disciplines in Pursuit of Creation and Discovery"

Research & Scholarship Profile
~ University of Denver's College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences c/o Emergent Digital Practices (EDP)

The New Weather(s)
Friendly Ghost @ Miriam Gallery, NYC
(online exhibition w/ digital futures)
The New Weather(s) @ Miriam Gallery, NYC

"Rhizomatic Remediation - Adaptation in a Web-Based Art Praxis During Time(s) of Crises"

for INSAM Journal, Winter 2020
Issue #5, "Music, Art and Technology in the Time of Global Crisis"
(about: Rhizome Parking Garage, "Bigger View(s): Earth, Anthropocene, Beauty", & "Friendly Ghost",
posthuman narrative, postinternet aesthetics, digital adaptability tactics, interdisciplinarity
and web-based art praxis, in times of multiple simultaneous crises)

Evaporation 2.5 & Surface Tension (duet) - detail
Evaporation 2.5 & Surface Tension (duet)
presented by maps-dna-and-spam (a temporary home for wayward new media)
Michael Demers, curator

w/ Andy Warhol
for Interview Magazine
[link to interview PDF]

Bigger View(s): Earth, Anthropocene, Beauty
at Boulder Public Library ~ Spring / Summer 2020 / TBD (Coronavirus)

Notes "live" V




NTP_PDFs 2017 - 2021

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RIVAL: Phase 3

Phenomena exh. reh.

Bootleg Mothlight (duet)

Anthropocene Gradients (#1)

exhibition demos
Distorted Guitar Solo (Solo)

"Unsolicited Collaboration(s)"
    w/ HUO vol. 1

"Sword in the Stone" for Denver Art Museum
memory landscapes & ruins collages duet (chaos)(demo)
circle triangle square demo
Evaporation 2.5 & Surface Tension     for maps-dna-and-spam ~ Summer 2019
Wing'ed Sun (html)
#Phoenix demo
Spell for Success
YELLOW (demos)
Not Yet Titled (2031)
Untitled (34 Pictures re: Leonardo DaVinci's "Salvator Mundi")
Summer 2016 #2
Summer 2016 #1

Xyzdium demo
Unsolicited Collaboration Rehearsal / Bibliothek Andreas Zust - 105 images
dorje jewel thunderbolt phallus x9.png
mountain indexical 16.png
faux fiction 1 GIF
zfutJungleX5.gif (#jungle #climatechange #godzilla #tiger #hologram #destruction #contrails #venom #teeth)
weather reh. 1
weather reh. 2 (vaporglitch)
Weather Reh. 3

Portrait of Jennifer (Pantone)
Self-Portrait (Pantone)

Rose-colored Dance (w/ Jennifer Lord)

    Redoubt (Everybody Knows This is Nowhere) - Unsolicited Collaboration - Matthew Barney x Noah Travis Phillips    
    NAS Reh. (Blues)    
Untitled (Vaporwave: an Abstract One-Act Play)    
    Flies (lecture (reh)) pt. 1    
    SubText @ Counterpath Presentation (Director's Cut) Reh    
    Spiral Jetty (Robert Smithson x Noah Travis Phillips)    
    Bardo Black Metal (5 Mountains Remix)    
    "A Stone for Each" reh.    
    "Bootleg Mothlight 2" Lecture-Performance at Datelne    




Noah Travis Phillips - Artforum "TOP TEN", 2018 (PDF)
Artforum article about (Shitbird) Drone, 2009 (PDF)

sync. issue #24 ~ Allegory of the Cave, dark ver. b/w (PDF)

Soliloquy (prelude & demo) "companions" 1 & 2 & 3
Chimera GIF (Montreal light reh.)
Wormhole Fold (ver.7) "companion"


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