WATERxRIVAL b0dy = a series of mise-en-scenes ~ text & images, exploring the posthuman body, intersubjectively, interobjectively, technologically, symbolically, etc. artistres_ warm(ing) structures reh. woman / women Where Secrets Are Still Kept ~ Welcome to My Homepage Digital Artist Residency

Noah Travis Phillips


"Where Secrets Are Still Kept (demo)"

@ Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX

notes "LIVE" vol. 3



08_2019_PDF_NTP_4up_[46] (images, August, 46 page 4-up PDF)
07_2019_PDF_NTP_4up.pdf (images, July, 53 page 4-up PDF)
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06_2018_NTP_4up.pdf (images, June, 76 page 4-up PDF)
05_2018_NTP_4up.pdf (images, May, 56 page 4-up PDF)
04_2018_PDF_NTP_4up.pdf (images, April, 58 page 4-up PDF)
03_2018_PDF_NTP.pdf (images, March, 94 page 2-up PDF)
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01_2018_PDF_NTP.pdf (images, January, 68 page 2-up PDF)
12_2017_NTP_PDF.pdf (images, December, 80 page 2-up PDF)
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10_2017_PDF_NTP_4up.pdf (images, October 2017, 52 page 4-up PDF)
09_2017_NTP_2up.pdf (images, September 2017, 171 page 2-up PDF)
08_2017_NTP_PDF_2up.pdf (images, August 2017, 135 page 2-up PDF)
07_2017_pdf_NTP.pdf (images, July 2017, 197 page PDF)
06_2017_pdf_NTP.pdf (images, June 2017, 103 page PDF)
05 2017 pdf NTP.pdf (images, May 2017, 121 page PDF)
04-2017_NTP_PDF.pdf (images, April 2017, 164 page PDF)
03_2017_NTP_PDF.pdf (images, March 2017, 194 page PDF)
02_2017_NTP.pdf (images, February 2017, 273 page PDF)
01_2017_pdf_reh.pdf (images, January 2017, 204 page PDF)




RIVAL: Phase 3

Phenomena exh. reh.

Bootleg Mothlight (duet)

Anthropocene Gradients (#1)

memory landscapes & ruins collages duet (chaos)(demo)
circle triangle square demo
Evaporation 2.5 & Surface Tension
Wing'ed Sun (html)
#Phoenix demo
Spell for Success
YELLOW (demos)
Not Yet Titled (2031)
Untitled (34 Pictures re: Leonardo DaVinci's "Salvator Mundi")
@ 34 Suns (Summer Solstice 2018)
Summer 2016 #2
Summer 2016 #1

Unsolicited Collaboration Rehearsal / Bibliothek Andreas Zust - 105 images
dorje jewel thunderbolt phallus x9.png
mountain indexical 16.png
faux fiction 1 GIF
zfutJungleX5.gif (#jungle #climatechange #godzilla #tiger #hologram #destruction #contrails #venom #teeth)
weather reh. 1
weather reh. 2 (vaporglitch)
Weather Reh. 3

Portrait of Jennifer (Pantone)
Self-Portrait (Pantone)

Rose-colored Dance (w/ Jennifer Lord)

    NAS Reh. (Blues)    
Untitled (Vaporwave: an Abstract One-Act Play)    
    Flies (lecture (reh)) pt. 1    
    SubText @ Counterpath Presentation (Director's Cut) Reh    
    Bardo Black Metal (5 Mountains Remix)    
    "A Stone for Each" reh.    
    "Bootleg Mothlight 2" Lecture-Performance at Datelne    




Noah Travis Phillips - Artforum "TOP TEN", 2018 (PDF)
Artforum article about (Shitbird) Drone, 2009 (PDF)

Soliloquy (prelude & demo) "companions" 1 & 2 & 3
#Allegorithms "companions"
Chimera GIF (Montreal light reh.)
Wormhole Fold (ver.7) "companion"


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