WATERxRIVAL b0dy = a series of mise-en-scenes ~ text & images, exploring the posthuman body, intersubjectively, interobjectively, technologically, symbolically, etc. artistres_ warm(ing) structures reh. woman / women Where Secrets Are Still Kept ~ Welcome to My Homepage Digital Artist Residency Noah Travis Phillips SCOBY for RPG reh. Rhizome Parking Garage beneath the beach seamless paving stones Anarchive for The Art Happens Here @ Vicki Myhren Gallery Noah Travis Phillips


Bigger View(s): Earth, Anthropocene, Beauty
at Boulder Public Library ~ Spring / Summer 2020

Defining Contemporary Art: 25 Years in 201 Pivotal Artworks AKA "World's Greatest Hits" (Unsolicited Collaboration)
featuring: Future Storm(s)

"Remixing Disciplines in Pursuit of Creation and Discovery"

Research & Scholarship Profile
~ University of Denver's College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences c/o Emergent Digital Practices (EDP)

Noah Travis Phillips From the Moment of Commitment, Nature Conspires to Help You v. (The elements conspire against nature (remix)) at Final Hot Desert (bootleg)
Noah Travis Phillips "From the Moment of Commitment, Nature Conspires to Help You"
v. (The elements conspire against nature (remix))
at Final Hot Desert (bootleg)

Rhizome Parking Garage ~ beneath the beach seamless paving stones
Rhizome Parking Garage

as part of The Wrong Biennale for New Digital Art
November 1st, 2019 - March 1st, 2020

"Sound Matters (The Following Sonorous Bodies Remix)"
in Unlikely Journal ~ Issue #6, forthcoming, October 2020 (CFP)

notes "live" IV




02_2020_PDF_NTP_2up_[40] (images, February, 40 page 2-up PDF)
NTP_PDF_01_2020_4up_[31] (images, January, 31 page 4-up PDF)
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12_2018_NTP_PDF_2up.pdf (images, December, 74 page 2-up PDF)
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08_2018_NTP_4up.pdf (images, August, 64 page 4-up PDF)
07_2018_NTP_4up.pdf (images, July, 44 page 4-up PDF)
06_2018_NTP_4up.pdf (images, June, 76 page 4-up PDF)
05_2018_NTP_4up.pdf (images, May, 56 page 4-up PDF)
04_2018_PDF_NTP_4up.pdf (images, April, 58 page 4-up PDF)
03_2018_PDF_NTP.pdf (images, March, 94 page 2-up PDF)
02_2018_PDF_NTP.pdf (images, February, 50 page 2-up PDF)
01_2018_PDF_NTP.pdf (images, January, 68 page 2-up PDF)
12_2017_NTP_PDF.pdf (images, December, 80 page 2-up PDF)
11_2017_NTP_PDF.pdf (images, November, 58 page 2-up PDF)
10_2017_PDF_NTP_4up.pdf (images, October 2017, 52 page 4-up PDF)
09_2017_NTP_2up.pdf (images, September 2017, 171 page 2-up PDF)
08_2017_NTP_PDF_2up.pdf (images, August 2017, 135 page 2-up PDF)
07_2017_pdf_NTP.pdf (images, July 2017, 197 page PDF)
06_2017_pdf_NTP.pdf (images, June 2017, 103 page PDF)
05 2017 pdf NTP.pdf (images, May 2017, 121 page PDF)
04-2017_NTP_PDF.pdf (images, April 2017, 164 page PDF)
03_2017_NTP_PDF.pdf (images, March 2017, 194 page PDF)
02_2017_NTP.pdf (images, February 2017, 273 page PDF)
01_2017_pdf_reh.pdf (images, January 2017, 204 page PDF)

    #Allegorithms "companions"   
    volcano diagram allegorithm   



RIVAL: Phase 3

Phenomena exh. reh.

Bootleg Mothlight (duet)

Anthropocene Gradients (#1)

exhibition idea(s)
"Unsolicited Collaboration(s)"
"Sword in the Stone" for Denver Art Museum
memory landscapes & ruins collages duet (chaos)(demo)
circle triangle square demo
Evaporation 2.5 & Surface Tension
Wing'ed Sun (html)
#Phoenix demo
Spell for Success
YELLOW (demos)
Not Yet Titled (2031)
Untitled (34 Pictures re: Leonardo DaVinci's "Salvator Mundi")
Summer 2016 #2
Summer 2016 #1

Unsolicited Collaboration Rehearsal / Bibliothek Andreas Zust - 105 images
dorje jewel thunderbolt phallus x9.png
mountain indexical 16.png
faux fiction 1 GIF
zfutJungleX5.gif (#jungle #climatechange #godzilla #tiger #hologram #destruction #contrails #venom #teeth)
weather reh. 1
weather reh. 2 (vaporglitch)
Weather Reh. 3

Portrait of Jennifer (Pantone)
Self-Portrait (Pantone)

Rose-colored Dance (w/ Jennifer Lord)

    Redoubt (Everybody Knows This is Nowhere) - Unsolicited Collaboration - Matthew Barney x Noah Travis Phillips    
    NAS Reh. (Blues)    
Untitled (Vaporwave: an Abstract One-Act Play)    
    Flies (lecture (reh)) pt. 1    
    SubText @ Counterpath Presentation (Director's Cut) Reh    
    Spiral Jetty (Robert Smithson x Noah Travis Phillips)    
    Bardo Black Metal (5 Mountains Remix)    
    "A Stone for Each" reh.    
    "Bootleg Mothlight 2" Lecture-Performance at Datelne    




Noah Travis Phillips - Artforum "TOP TEN", 2018 (PDF)
Artforum article about (Shitbird) Drone, 2009 (PDF)

sync. issue #24 ~ Allegory of the Cave, dark ver. b/w (PDF)

Soliloquy (prelude & demo) "companions" 1 & 2 & 3
Chimera GIF (Montreal light reh.)
Wormhole Fold (ver.7) "companion"


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