Phenomena exh. reh.

(exhibition proposals / collages / ... )

In his project Phenomena exh. reh. artist Noah Travis Phillips (with his AI collaborator RIVAL) associates a group of subjectively charged "archetypal" or fundamental and symbolic phenomena/objects (natural, technological, artistic, etc.) in novel and insightful ways, within the context of a exhibition space and proposal. Looking at the kinds of meaning(fulness) that can be developed between Phillips himself and a personally cultivated machine learning, neural network, artificial intelligence.
The initial group of images is highly subjective and somewhat random, pulled from Phillips' collected archives and the internet. RIVAL has been trained to identify and gather similar images, initially based on appearance. Keywords are associated with the images via the image recognition process, but also Phillips' own archiving. This introduces a great amount of variety to the material, while the network of "meaningful" associations grows more extensive and complex with each iteration of the process. The images are first associated/grouped based on keywords applied through an image and pattern recognition process. They are then composed based on a diagram (scientific, technical, algorithmic, etc.), which is also associated with the group of images via related keywords.
Ultimately the exhibition of these proposals could take multiple forms: using actual examples of the objects/phenomena depicted, videos developed with additional processes to represent the objects/phenomena, or even large-scale prints.

vein, turbine, rare earth elements, clock, cancer cell, body, health, blood, energy, power, resources, time, doomsday clock, turbine, amplifier, marshall half-stack, tectonic plates, geology, volcano, catalytic converter, plastig bag, yellow, catalytic converter, cell, umbrella, cymbal, ice, icicle, weather, internal, external, rice, spark, cloud, storm, cymbal, sound, prayer drum, drums, buddhism, asia, food, lightning, nourishment, soundwave, feather, green, green feather, clock, timeless, plant cell, flora, black spray paint, spray paint, turbine, engine, power, energy, neon, pink, black spray paint, spray paint, plant cell, flora, cloud, storm, weather, rare earth elements, microphone, muscle cell, body, strength, effects pedal, blues driver, sand and snow, sand, snow, cold desert, climate change, performance, green, paint, cymbal, cloud, weather, router, transmission, raptor, velociraptor, raptor claw, dinosaur, fossil, blue paint, blue, soundwave, volume, feather, lensflare, cloud, weather, sand and snow, sand, snow, beach, tectonic plates, continent, cymbal, sound, paint, gold, amplifier, raptor, velociraptor, raptor claw, dinosaur, fossil, crop circle, aliens, life, umbrella, clouds, surrealist, soundwave, rare earth elements, environment, green, rose, prayer drum, drum, glass, red, paint, blood, layers, meteoric iron, metal, rare earth elements, clock, time, resources, radioactivity, spectrum, black, spray paint, perspective, levels, rainbow, fruit, interior, polyethylene, palm, cross section, cell, plant cell, flora, paper, art, cymbal, drum, plastic, fur, roots, veins, bonsai, tree, plastic, plastic bag, polyethylene, fossil, meteoric iron, animal, fauna, pencil, drawing, art, clock, timeless, cell, fire, warmth, visual, phenomena, point, space time, drum, neon, ring, circle, clock, static, water, timeless, dance, celebration, chaos, snare drum, bonsai, meteoric iron, myth, sand, snow, sand and snow, desert, fire, wheat, food, growth, fire, rose, flower, rare earth elements, cell, pencil, drawing, art, passion, theater, performance, actor, play, fruit, nourishment, food, cloud, maze, labyrinth, vein, root, feather, green, stage, rose, ultraviolet, light, UV, hair, woman's hair, long hair, diamond, radiation, feminine, female,