Noah Travis Phillips @ JERKY

at Razzle Dazzle Museum
Santa Fe / Cuyamungue, New Mexico, September 24, 2022
(AKA September Rave)

NTP @ Jerky = flier, w/ Jennifer, live visuals (VJ), solo

jerky flier colorful rave flier jerky texture text psychedelic horizon

for w/ Jennifer =

Rescue Mountain Galaxy Suite (for J) (under the stairs)
Rescue Mountain Galaxy 3’38”
J Phenomena videos 6’51”
ambient gradient 4’01”
CMY halftone resolution distortion exploration 3’44”
rainbow minds 3’38”
= 21:52

demo w/ videos projected over documentation of
Jennifer Lord’s piece Enfold(ed) Prism

Live Visuals (VJ) =
w/ ilind & kinnickinnick

solo 1 & 2 = (unrealized)

collage installation under stairs at razzle dazzle

(not yet titled) studio south+left constellation

untitled (canvas)
b/w group
Rocky Mountain Tai Chi Steal Your Face
self-portrait looking at wall covered w/ protest posters
teaching totem (physical)
teaching totem (yellow on red)
teaching totem drawing (aluminum)
chaos <-> order
flower hands (pair)
wands (queen & king)
comic balloons (recursive)

Within & Beyond the Cave (FKA The Allegory of the Cave)

within the cave beyond the cave fka allegory of the cave plato's