Where Secrets are Still Kept is a mysterious & intimate space, (where nobody else really goes or knows;) this is my bedroom (you must enter through another door 🚪 ), ultimate shelter (haven, refuge … utopia can be a cave or a garden).
Where Secrets are Still Kept begins with 3D scans (photogrammetry) of each wall of my bedroom, then an additional layer of imagery from my private archive (a collection of images (and other media) I have been collecting for more than 20 years now) is collaged onto/into the amalgamated space(s).
The layer of images tells us something else about what is beneath/behind it; likewise the understory reveals and enriches that which grows upon it, deeper meanings, inner symbols, the domestic occult.

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with thanks & gratitude to Welcome to My Homepage! ~ Digital Artist Residency @ Museum of Human Achievement

Noah Travis Phillips